Had Enough of Pumpkin? These Fall Alternatives Are Great

Orange is no doubt a beautiful color, which may be why people have been flocking to the pumpkin patch every fall throughout history. But today, pumpkins are invading our personal space like never before thanks to the internet and social media. It’s not only people who choose to eat, drink, or hang out with pumpkins anymore – it’s everyone. And frankly, everyone is getting a bit tired of it. So what can be done?

Had Enough of Pumpkin? These Fall Alternatives Are Great

For starters, let’s take the chance to appreciate other beautifully orange and/or equally delicious foods! They’re just not given enough love amidst the pumpkin craze, despite the fact that there’s no short supply of them. From bakes and soups to pies and sweets, here are some fun pumpkin alternatives to try this fall or winter…

Sweet Potato

What CAN’T you do with sweet potato? Mash them, dice them, or even bake them whole and eat them in their pure and totally perfect state. The American south even gave birth to sweet potato pie, which takes just a drop of vanilla and cinnamon to make one of the most delectably sweet and surprisingly nutritious desserts ever.

Carrot Carrots are another orange, nutritious, and versatile root – they can be baked savory or sweet, and make an excellent addition to soup puree. And don’t forget about carrot cake.

Had Enough of Pumpkin? These Fall Alternatives Are Great

The Squash Rainbow

It’s simple: there are a million relatives to pumpkin that also deserve some love: butternut, spaghetti, acorn, delicata, and kabocha are all winners.


There’s nothing wrong with going even sweeter for a fruit as delicious as bananas – which just happen to be very nutritious, and in season year-round. They can also be picked while they are still far from ripe, and stored for months. Two words: banana bread!

Coffee + Chocolate

These two are winners every winter…especially together.