Prince George’s School Lunch Could Be Mistaken For A 5-Star Restaurant

Remembering school lunches brings back the memories of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a packet of chips, a chocolate if I was lucky, and a juice box for the side. Now, if I happened to be British royalty, things may have been a lot different, and Prince George’s lunch menu proves this.

When the 4-year-old Prince began classes at Thomas’s Battersea School in London this year, there was no doubt he was going to be be eating like a King after seeing his lunch options.


Taking a look into his royally fancy lunch, the healthy menu could be confused for a five-star restaurant, some of us could only wish to visit. Spanning from a variety of vegetarian options, fresh bread, and a main course with only the finest ingredients, it is safe to say the Prince will be eating well this year.


A sample of the menu for the young tot is nothing short of gourmet. The menu is as follows:

Freshly prepared authentic lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs; organic grated cheese with baton carrots and cucumber; steamed fiber-rich whole wheat tasty pasta.

Freshly prepared BBQ pork strips; steamed baby corn, carrots, and mange tout; Mediterranean 50/50 couscous and quinoa.

Freshly prepared teriyaki salmon on a bed of lentils.

Oven-baked beef meatballs with cannellini beans in a tomato and basil sauce; grated organic cheese and fresh crudities; steamed 50/50 brown and white rice.

Some dessert options: fresh baked waffle with a fruit coulis and single cream; freshly prepared chocolate and courgette sponge with organic custard; oven-baked oatmeal and raisin cookie served with a banana milkshake; freshly baked Portuguese egg custard tart with strawberries.


This for sure brings my peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunches to shame, but after all, he is going to be the King of England one day!