Try Out These Potassium Superfoods That Aren’t Bananas

Many of us have heard that bananas are a great source of potassium, but what if we’ve had it with eating a ton of the yellow stuff a week? Thankfully, there are many other potassium superfoods that will give us all the mineral we need.

Try Out These Potassium Superfoods That Aren’t Bananas

Baked Potatoes

Did you know that baked potatoes can be the best source of potassium? That’s right; one medium potato can quickly pack in a quarter of our daily recommended allowance. It’s also filled with fiber to help keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Salmon seems to be a superfood that’s on a whole new level. As well as it’s high levels of potassium, the fish is filled with omega-3 that can help to boost your brain power as well as keep your heart in tip-top condition.

Try Out These Potassium Superfoods That Aren’t Bananas

Leafy Greens

We’re talking beet greens, chard, and spinach. These are some of the leafy greens that will help to see you full of potassium in no time. The added bonus? These greens also come with vitamins K and A to aid throughout the rest of your body, too.

Citrus Fruits

Grapefruits, lemons, and oranges are all great ways to help boost your potassium levels on a daily basis. If you don’t fancy chowing down on a bowl of citrus fruits, slicing them and adding them to your water can be just as beneficial.

Try Out These Potassium Superfoods That Aren’t Bananas

Pomegranate Seeds

They might be small, but seven grams of pomegranate seeds can provide us with 10% of our daily potassium needs. Sprinkling them over salads is an easy way to incorporate pomegranate seeds into your everyday meals.


Not only are apricots part of your five a day, but they are also low in calories and packed full of many vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. Of course, their potassium levels makes them a great alternative to bananas.

Try Out These Potassium Superfoods That Aren’t Bananas


Did you know that half a cup of pureed tomatoes can have almost 50% of your vitamin C you need to stay healthy? They also come loaded with potassium and many other disease-fighting nutrients your body needs to keep fit.

Potassium is essential to help maintain bone and muscle health as well as lowering our blood pressure. These banana alternatives are sure to help us keep topped up with the good stuff all throughout the day.