Peaches Vs. Nectarines – Which Is Best For What?

If you’re one of those people that just loves fruit, then you’ve got a pretty good thing going on. Not only are you filling your body with all kinds of nutrients that will definitely work in your favor and keep you fit and healthy, but you also get the chance to try out various different fruits. There are so many to choose from, and although peaches and nectarines are completely separate from each other, there are others that are pretty close in terms of their appearance and taste.

Peaches Vs. Nectarines – Which Is Best For What?

The Same, But Different

When you make your way to the grocery store, you’re probably struck by the different fruits that stand before you. You might spend ages deciding whether you want pineapple or an orange, or even a peach or nectarine. But what is the difference between a peach and a nectarine? The short answer is that there isn’t a huge difference. A nectarine is actually from the peach family, and they are more similar than you’d think. That’s because there is only one recessive gene difference between the two of them. Because nectarines don’t have this recessive gene, they can’t quite call themselves a peach.

Peaches Vs. Nectarines – Which Is Best For What?

Difference In Appearance

Of course, the obvious difference between a peach and nectarine is the fact that they look a little different. While they are similar in terms of their shape and their color, their skin couldn’t be further away from each other. A nectarine has a smooth and silky skin, while a peach has a fuzzy skin that often feels a little like velvet. It’s this stark difference that makes each fruit perfect for different uses.

Crispy Vs. Peely

If you have a batch of peaches in your fruit bowl, you’ll have to remove the skin before cooking with it. After all, you don’t want little hairs making their way into your pie. If you have ever cooked the skin of a peach before, you’ll know that it becomes hard and rubbery. So, you have to peel a peach before transforming it into jam or baking it into a delicious peach pie. On the other hand, you don’t have to do anything with a nectarine. The skin of a nectarine is safe and delicious to eat, and can even go a little crispy when you bake it.

Which do you prefer? A peach or nectarine?