Remain Calm: Here Are the New Flavors Oreo is Releasing in 2020

As milk’s favorite sidekick, Oreos never seem to go out of style. Especially since the brand makes sure always to give consumers a plethora of new flavor options to try. From Red Velvet to Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, and even the seasonal Peppermint Bark, the flavors are rare to disappoint. You would think after the last batch bash of winter flavors, Oreo would need a little break before releasing more…

But that’s not happening. They’re planning on releasing two more Oreo flavors in 2020.

Remain Calm: Here Are the New Flavors of Oreos Releasing in 2020

Starting the Year With New Oreos

Oreo announced in November of last year that they were going to release the new flavors, and they are surely delivering. In January 2020, the new Oreos that are available on the shelves are Caramel Coconut and Chocolate Marshmallow flavors.

The brand made things official by posting a video to their Instagram page, and in the comments, many started asking all of the right questions like where you can purchase them. You can tell that many Oreo fans were looking to get their hands on them quickly.

It is also rumored that there may be a 3rd flavor in the works — Tiramisu. However, Oreo has not confirmed this.

Remain Calm: Here Are the New Flavors of Oreos Releasing in 2020

Available For a Limited Time

It wouldn’t be Oreo if these delicious and tempting flavors were out on the shelves for long. The brand confirmed on their Instagram page that the new Oreos would only be available for a limited time. So far, what you can expect from the two new cookie flavors is that the Chocolate Marshmallow cookies have tiny bits of marshmallow in them, and the icing is chocolate marshmallow creme. Whereas, the Caramel Coconut flavor caramel icing along with small pieces of coconut.

Sounds tempting. If you do get your hands on the new Oreos, try not to eat the whole package in one sitting!