The Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brand Using Avocado For Its Base

Avocado this, avocado that, is most of what we hear these days, and thanks to the millennial phenomenon, we can now enjoy non-dairy ice cream made from avocado. Vegan ice cream brand, Cado, contains no nuts or soy, and is the perfect replacement of the summer treat for anyone with allergies.


Cado’s co-founder, Meghan Dowd, explained that Cado’s avocado base is made by pureeing ripened avocados, and other organic ingredients are added when this is complete. While this creates a difference in flavors, such as Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Lemon Sorbet, Dowd emphasizes that they “keep the ingredients list very simple.”

While these are the current flavors of Cado made readily available, Dowd has also explained that the brand hopes to introduce new flavors such as Java Chip, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Cherry Amaretto.


Meanwhile, while the frozen delicacy is made of avocados, many buyers would be none the wiser. “We love that when people try Cado, they have no idea it’s made from avocados,” Dowd states. This is perhaps a great thing for the brand, and for buyers hoping for a tasty vegan treat.

Avocados have proven to be a successful ingredient in brownie batter and chocolate pudding, so it is no surprise they have struck gold once again in ice cream as a replacement for a creamy base.


The idea to use avocados for the creamy base of ice cream started in 2015 with Dowd and her brother, Jack, and mother, Deb. “Avocados, because of the quality of the fat and creaminess, had found their way into our smoothies and pies, and so using them to craft ice cream was a natural next step,” says Dowd.

“When crafting our first batches of what would become Cado, we had a lightbulb moment. The avocado-base offers more nutrition and a superior fat, doesn’t compete with the flavor, has a really creamy quality, just like ice cream… Everybody should be eating this, we thought! It was a great marriage of two things we loved: ice cream and avocados.”