Expect To See Three New Goldfish Flavors Hit Shelves In 2019

When it comes to “the snack that smiles back,” fans have a lot to look forward to this upcoming year. Specifically, Pepperidge farm is set to begin shipping three new flavors of its popular Goldfish snack starting next month!

Expect To See Three New Goldfish Flavors Hit Shelves In 2019

In October, Junk Food Mom on Instagram hinted that Goldfish would be coming out with a new, nacho-flavored snack starting in January. The Instagram food blogger posted a picture of the new snack with the caption: “Coming in January 2019 new Pepperidge Farm Epic Crunch Goldfish. A mash up of Goldfish and crunchy nacho tortilla chips. Sounds interesting…”

It turns out that not only was she right, but there are three additional flavors coming out.

“A while back I heard of a new Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cracker coming in January,” she tweeted last weekend. “Thanks to an update from @delish, turns out there will be 3 flavors. Epic Crunch Goldfish are tortilla chips shaped into our beloved little fish. In Nacho, Ranch and Honey BBQ flavors. Right out of the bag or swimming in a bowl of soup perhaps… bet these will be Epic.”

Expect To See Three New Goldfish Flavors Hit Shelves In 2019

Pepperidge Farm released a statement that all three new flavors will be in supermarkets nationwide. According to them, each of these flavors will be made with “a crunchy, full-flavored chip, mashed up into a wholesome Goldish cracker.”

In all honesty, what we’re most happy about is the ranch flavor. Ever since discovering how delicious the condiment is on pizza (trust us, just try it!), we can’t get enough ranch-flavored snacks.

The other flavor is honey BBQ, which is certainly also a winner. We can’t wait to get our fingers into one of their bags and shove the fish-shaped crackers into our mouths, releasing a heavenly experience unto our tastebuds. When has Pepperidge Farm come out with something that wasn’t absolutely delicious? Remember people, this is the company that gave us Milano cookies.