Now You Can Order Mustard Flavored Ice-Cream – If You Dare!

Last year, news of a newly created ‘Mayonaise’ ice-cream went viral as the strange-sounding dessert split the internet into two camps. For those who had tasted it and liked it, they stated the idea was bold, original and actually quite tasty! However, the second camp was not so impressed with the idea and many stated that they wouldn’t even try it. However, thanks to legendary LA creamery Coolhaus, the internet has been spun into a frenzy again when they paired up with legendary condiment brand French’s to create a limited edition mustard flavored ice-cream!

Last Wednesday, Coolhaus announced it’s bright yellow creation to the world and the reactions were very interesting. The color of the ice-cream is definitely enticing and feel like it belongs in a pop-art painting. As for the taste and texture of it, many have described it as being delicious yet unusual. At first, the fruity, sweet taste is unexpected and then the pang of mustard cuts through the taste, being a difficult flavor to miss. The ice-cream almost feels like it could be both a dessert and served up with a meaty main course at the same time. Coolhaus also serves the ice-cream with a soft-pretzel so you can enjoy something salty and savory with your sweet treat.

If you’re the type who isn’t afraid of new flavor combinations or interesting taste sensations, then we highly recommend getting your hands on this amazingly delicious dessert. Even if you only try it once, ‘mustard ice-cream’ will certainly be a flavor that sticks with you forever. While the brand is still trying out the flavor, depending on it’s success it might become a feature at the store. However, we highly recommend getting your hands on some before it all sells out! You definitely don’t want to miss this!