Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday Has Inspired Many Food Brands

Although he doesn’t look a day over five, Mickey Mouse is about to turn 90 years old and we’re truly ecstatic. November 18th marks the 90-year anniversary of the iconic Disney character’s first appearance in the epic film, Steamboat Willie. Since that magical moment, Mickey has managed to appear on over 100 cartoons and consequently has become the face of Disney.

This year, countless brands are honoring his special day by offering limited edition foods that are inspired by none other than the little black and white mouse. Some of the products will display Mickey on their packaging while others will just be shaped like him. We’re super duper excited about these new releases and we’ll share with you a cute little list of three Mickey-inspired products that you absolutely must get your hands on!

Campbell’s Soup

Campbell’s released special edition soup cans featuring Mickey Mouse in three variations, each taken from a different era of Mickey’s lifetime. The product is available exclusively at Target stores this fall.

Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish

One of America’s most beloved fish snack companies is honoring Mickey’s birthday with their special edition of Mickey Mouse Goldfish, which will be available in stores by the beginning of October. Within the mix, consumers will find little red crackers that resemble Mickey. This super fun munch will be available for purchase at any local Target location for a year.

Ample Hills Creamery

Ample Hills Creamery is honoring Mickey’s 90th birthday with limited edition ice cream flavors, which are, of course, Mickey Mouse-inspired. The collection includes a wide selection of flavors including Triple Chocolate Surprise, Confetti Celebration, and Peanut Butter Jamboree. All the pints in this special collection will have Mickey Mouse-shaped chunks inside of them and be decorated with Mickey Mouse birthday comic strips.

The product is now available to order on the Ample Hills website, so get clicking!