Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches For Sale Outside of Disney Parks

If one of your favorite parts about Disney parks is the food, you are definitely not alone. Even though the parks can often surprise you with new or temporary treats, there are some timeless favorites – and one of them is Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar. The good news for fans everywhere is that it will now be available in some grocery stores, too!

Following the Mickey Bars

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches For Sale Outside of Disney Parks

It seems to be an upcoming trend for Disney food staples. First, it was the Mickey bars that made their way out of the theme parks and into the grocery shops in 2019. Now you don’t have to wait until you have the chance to go on a vacation to enjoy your classic treats. Both the ice cream sandwich and the bar have nothing special to them besides the Mickey Mouse shape, but they have that well-known taste of childhood that people of all ages love so much.

The Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the most delicious and inexpensive snacks that can be found around the parks. It’s made out of two soft and scrumptious chocolate wafers, just like a typical ice cream sandwich. The creamy texture of the light cookies and cream filling in between creates a great balance in your food palette.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches For Sale Outside of Disney Parks

Enjoying Disney Treats at Home

Nobody knows just how long we will be able to enjoy the mouthwatering treats in grocery stores outside of the park, and the hype of getting one is big right now. The cookies-and-cream ice cream sandwich comes in a pack of six with a vintage version of Mickey smiling at you from orange cardboard packaging. Imagine how much better birthday parties and events can be with the original Mickey ice creams while it lasts?

Who knows what Disney could surprise us with next? Could it be yummy Dole Whip or Port Orleans beignets? Let’s hope they keep making their delicious treats available to everyone all-year-round!