Marie Kondo Has An Online Shop That Sparks…Debt

Marie Kondo has made a name for herself by de-cluttering the world, all the way from her sock drawers to your mind. The expert tosser who somehow convinced everyone to throw 90% of their things away, then turned around and opened an online store…where we can buy more things.

But wait – it’s not as backwards as it sounds.

Marie Kondo Has An Online Shop That Sparks…Debt

Marie wants to share the items that have been so useful to her that they greatly reduced her need for other items in larger quantities. “Many people have asked what I use in my everyday life. This online shop is a collection of my favorite things and items that spark joy,” she tweeted. She personally selected over 125 products for the store – each with a hefty reputation, and a heftier price tag. But hey, whatever sparks joy, right?

As she wrote on the launch page for the shop, “Once you’ve completed your tidying, there is room to welcome meaningful objects, people and experiences into your life […] Each item was selected for its ability to enhance your daily rituals and inspire a joyful lifestyle.”

The products have been arranged into different categories: Decor and Living, Tabletop & Entertaining, Cooking & Kitchen, Tidying & Organization (obviously), and more. But we’re just not sure about a few of them. What do you think of these 10 from the Cooking & Kitchen category?

Marie Kondo Has An Online Shop That Sparks…Debt

Tea Container ($200): This little storage box is hand-crafted from wood – and a tree is a life, after all. Whoever said life is priceless just clearly hadn’t met this tree.

Brass Kitchen Tool Holder ($275): Kondo writes that this container’s “low center of gravity allows it to remain stable even when filled with tall tools.” It is quite reassuring to know that the tool built to hold tools will actually do its job if you pay enough.

Flower Bouquet Tote ($42): Because your flowers and other groceries deserve better than a canvas bag that costs as much as it’s actually worth.

Marie Kondo Has An Online Shop That Sparks…Debt

Shop KonMari Compost Bin ($175): Spend more money than you’re saving not buying fertilizer on the bin that makes your compost.

Large Food Storage Container ($60): Now that everyone’s storing their food sustainably, make sure your food containers are cooler than theirs.

Crumb Brush ($24): It’s very gentle on your very sensitive plate. And dish drains are so passé.

Marie Kondo Has An Online Shop That Sparks…Debt

Balance Gem Water Bottle ($98): Inside this glass bottle is an “icy blue pod of sodalite, chalcedony, and clear quartz” that is supposed to “bring mind, body and spirit into harmony.” Yep, we’ve all been drinking water wrong.

Brass Bottle Opener ($65): Apparently the price you pay for a comfortable grip. Although most of us would open a bottle of red with barbed wire if that’s what it took.

Marie Kondo Has An Online Shop That Sparks…Debt

Snack & Sandwich Bag ($18): It’s reusable, which is great. It will save you money. Another reusable bag might save you a lot more money, but what’s the difference, really? JOY.