These Leftovers Are Probably Best To Avoid The Day After

Hands up if you hate wasting food? Yes, there’s nothing worse than seeing delicious food go to waste, but sometimes there’s just no room left at the inn to eat them all up. Many people leave leftovers because they think they can eat them the next day, but it turns out that eating leftovers can actually make you sick. There are certain foods that just don’t last, so you might want to avoid them at all costs.


You’ve probably heard this one before. While there’s no doubt about the fact that rice is delicious and incredibly versatile, it’s not wise to keep rice any longer than you need to. In fact, it’s best to just eat it all up, as leftover rice can make you really sick if you don’t store it properly. It is possible to eat leftover rice, but you need to make sure that you place it in the fridge within two hours of it being cooked.


If you’re the kind of person that loves seafood, you could feel inclined to take leftover fish for your lunch the next day. While this could be tasty, it might not be very healthy for you. That’s because bacteria can grow on fish without you realizing it, and this could see you becoming ill with food poisoning in no time.


Although there are some people in this world who love to get themselves ready for the day with some raw eggs, most of us know that eggs almost always have their friend salmonella with them. Because eggs have to be cooked very specifically to kill this bacteria, it’s not wise to keep them for any length of time. If they are not cooked properly in the first place, leaving them even a few hours can cause this bacteria to multiply.

Wasting food is never fun, but sometimes it’s better than getting ill from bad leftovers.