Krispy Kreme Just Combined Beloved Thanksgiving Pie With Donuts

Holidays in America are nothing without their respective desserts. But not many people know that desserts in America have lived through quite an interesting history. From gingerbread cookies to fried snickers bars, the evolution of America’s sugar tooth has been quite the tasty rollercoaster. And this Thanksgiving, Krispy Kreme is bringing it all home to the donut house.

Of course, everyone knows about Thanksgiving pumpkin pie – the sweet outcome of one of the first famously peaceful interactions between settlers and Native Americans. But what about pie itself?

Pie, Meet Donut

First of all, it’s older than the Thanksgiving and even the land of the free. Baked, stuffed crusts have been popular in Britain for as long as anyone can remember. But there is one big difference between British and American pie…

British pie is savory. American pie is very, very sweet! Meats, vegetables, and the like are usually stuffed into the British version, whereas it’s almost exclusively a dessert dish in the U.S. From apple and blueberry to banana or chocolate cream, there are simply too many delicious flavors to choose from. But a little pie can be a lot of work to get your hands on, let alone make yourself!

That’s why this year, Krispy Kreme is bringing your favorite Thanksgiving pies to their donuts – giving what many of us fun-loving Americans would call the best of both worlds. This whole month, their collection features three new flavors…

Flavor Overwhelm

Dutch Apple

A doughnut injected with apple filling, dipped in caramel icing, and topped with streusel and more icing.

Chocolate Kreme

A doughnut dipped in chocolate icing, topped with a dollop of cream and mini chocolate chips, and filled with chocolate cream.


A cherry-filled doughnut topped with crust crumbles and decorated with an icing lattice.

Cherry On Top (Or In The Middle)

Get them before they’re gone on November 28th!