We Wouldn’t Expect Anything Else From Karlie With Her Milk Bar Wedding Cake

She is one of the world’s most in-demand models, having walked for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and becoming Estée Lauder’s Brand Ambassador, so it is no surprise her boyfriend, Joshua Kushner, wanted to make their relationship official and make her his wife.

After announcing they were engaged via Instagram in July, the couple surprised the world when they posted another photo of Karlie in a wedding dress and veil from October 18. While the marriage may have come as a secret to most, there was one element of their wedding that would have been relatively obvious – their Milk Bar wedding cake.


From the videos shared on Karlie’s Instagram page, the supermodel was seen sitting on the floor in her Dior wedding gown and holding what could only be a piece of Milk Bar’s Best Freaking Cookie. Karlie then admitted to eating her Milk Bar wedding cake at 2 am, with another photo showing off one of the bakery’s most iconic offerings, Birthday Cake, being picked at with a fork.

The reason it would come as no surprise that Kloss had gone with this bakery for her wedding cake, is because she has worked closely with the brand in the past and is even good friends with the owner, Christina Tosi.


In 2012, Karlie even created her own Milk Bar cookie called Karlie’s Perfect 10 Kookie, with help from Tosi, and all the proceeds earned from the cookie benefited FEED project.

It would perhaps be expected that this was even served at the newlywed’s recent wedding reception considering it is still available at Milk Bar. Guests at their intimate wedding would have certainly been thrilled to have been offered Milk Bar cookies, and Karlie certainly looked to be enjoying hers.


Karlie and Joshua Kushner have been dating since 2012, and have continued to highlight their love for one another over the years before announcing their engagement six years later.