How Airline Food Is Really Made

Let’s be honest; nobody really likes flying. Sure, it takes you from one cool destination to the other, but the whole thing is rather uncomfortable. You not only have to contort your body to avoid touching the person next to you, but you also have to avoid touching the toilet seat. It’s a whole drama, and that’s before you get onto the food situation. Airline food is notorious for being rather inedible, and it leaves many wondering who made it and where it has come from. After all, they can’t make these “meals” while up in the air, can they?

How Airline Food Is Really Made

Everything Is Planned To Perfection

When you look down at the plastic plate of food in front of you, you might not realize that your dish has actually been planned to perfection. In fact, most airline meals are planned a whole year in advance, to make sure that the airlines are getting the best value for money. In 2013, American Airlines discovered that they could save a whopping $40,000 each year by getting rid of one olive from their salads – so that’s exactly what they did!

Making It On The Ground

However, you’ll be happy to know that this pre-planned meal isn’t made a year in advance. Instead, it’s partially cooked on the ground 10 hours before the flight takes off. This is normally done in a special kitchen near to the airport, where each food is cooked for a specific amount of time. Chicken is normally cooked until it is 60% done, and steak is cooked until it is 30% done. It’s then blast-chilled until ready to be transported onto the aircraft.

How Airline Food Is Really Made

The End Process

When the plane is up in the air and stomachs are rumbling, it’s then down to the cabin crew to finish off the cooking process. They have ovens in the cabin that cook the rest of the meat and heat up the food that is meant to be served hot. While it seems as though airlines work with the limited space and utensils they have onboard the plane, there’s no doubt about the fact that most people don’t like plane food. Things become even more worrying when you realize that most airlines do not allow their pilots or crew to eat the onboard food…

Did you know that airline food was partially cooked off the plane?