Great Herbs To Grow Inside All Year-Round

Many of us love to use the freshest ingredients that we can get our hands on. What could be fresher than growing your very own herbs? Thankfully, there are some great herbs to grow inside all year-round to make your meals the best they can be.

Great Herbs To Grow Inside All Year-Round


At the end of the growing season, take your chives from outside and place them in a pot until all the leaves have gone. Then, move the pot to the coldest part of the house for a few days before placing them in the brightest window.


If you want to grow basil from seeds, then make sure you put the pit in a south-facing window. This is because the herb loves a lot of sunlight as well as a warm room.

Great Herbs To Grow Inside All Year-Round


These can be simple herbs to start from an outdoor plant or seeds. Parsley prefers to grow in full sunlight, but you can slow it down by using a west or east-facing window depending on how much you need.


All you need to start growing this plant in your home is a tip cutting from an outdoor plant. Simply place this in a pot and place your plant in a south-facing window to help it grow big and strong.


Thyme is a great addition to many meals and is a simple herb to bring inside. All it takes is a small cutting or digging up your entire outdoor plant. Thyme thrives in full sun, meaning you can control its growth depending on the window you use.

Having fresh herbs on hand can be cheaper, a fun addition to the kitchen, and a way to make sure your ingredients are as fresh as can be. The best bit? They can be enjoyed all year-round and don’t take too much dedication.