Could Guava Hold The Key To Preventing Cancer?

Guava is definitely one of the less celebrated fruits in our society these days, which is a pity because it’s an amazing fruit! It’s a little-known fact that guava actually contains more vitamin C than an orange does, which means that you can use it to boost your immune system and help combat a range of infectious diseases! These high levels of vitamin C also make guava a great solution for preventing and even treating heart disease. Knowing this now makes us realize just how many times we’ve put the fruit down for another, when in fact, guava would have been the better option.

However, this is only really the start of the amazing health benefits of guava. In more recent years, the amount of research that’s been done on natural sources of cancer treatment has gone up tremendously. More and more people are turning away from conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy (provided that they catch the disease early enough) in order to pursue healthier, natural-based treatments. While no form of treatment regarding a disease as serious as cancer is guaranteed, a lot of people have some substantial success when using natural products, techniques, and lifestyle changes in order to slow and ultimately cure their cancer.

Recent research has shown that guava contains a number of compounds that are incredibly important for helping to not only slow and prevent the formation of cancer in the first place, but that can actually be used to treat the disease once it’s there. These are methanol, hexane, and chloroform. It might be weird to hear about chemicals you’d usually associate with being under the kitchen sink in your food – but they’re natural components of life as well.

When researchers tested these compounds in the same amounts that they’re found in a single guava on three types of cancer (namely leukemia, myeloma, and oral cancer), they found that hexane seemed to work the best. So if you’d like to lower your chances of developing cancer over your life, or you’re battling this horrible disease at the moment – be sure to include loads of guava in your daily diet!