Grocery Shopping Apps That Will Help You Meal Prep

Meal prepping might sound like a great idea, but how are we supposed to know what to buy from the grocery store? Have no fear; there are many apps that will help to do the hard work for you.

Grocery Shopping Apps That Will Help You Meal Prep

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

This is the ultimate all in one meal planner that is sure to help you out at the store. Paprika looks for recipes online that you can choose before the app builds its very own grocery list. The best bit? You can follow the recipes from your phone and tablet, customize your grocery list to replicate the layout of your local store, and plan meals for the entire month all on one app.


If you’re looking for a free app that will give you everything you need then look no further. This app allows you to download recipes from the internet, but that’s not all. FoodPlanner also lets users track the contents of their cupboards meaning you should never run low on anything again, while other features will build grocery lists for any saved recipes to use for the week.

Grocery Shopping Apps That Will Help You Meal Prep


Mealime is perfect for families or those expecting guests as users can build profiles for everyone eating the meals. Here, you can specify any dietary requirements as well as likes and dislikes to ensure that everyone always gets a meal they will enjoy. After finding recipes that keep everyone happy, Mealime will create a grocery list to help you find everything you need at the store.

Cook Smarts

If you want to learn how to become a whizz in the kitchen while creating healthy meal plans, then look no further. Cook Smarts emails users new menus every week as it encourages people to cook from scratch. Thankfully, they offer up recipes for most dietary requirements before creating a list for you to take along to the store. This app sure does take out the hard work of planning all on your own.

Who knew that meal prepping could be so easy? Technology can be a wonderful thing, and now it looks set to make our grocery shopping as simple as possible. It’s perfect.