Golden Girls Cereal Now Exists At Target – Breakfast Couldn’t Get Better

Our favorite hit sitcom from the late ’80s is now back in the form of breakfast! Finding their way to Target’s shelves this month is the cereal made by Funko, the pop-culture toy-making brand. Although the cereal is not yet available for purchase online, some shoppers have spotted it in the Target stores.

The multigrain cereal upholds a similar shape to Cheerios, but its color is a vibrant, almost neon blue. To make matters even more exciting, the box also comes a collector’s toy! Fans of the TV show might now need to sit down for this one – news has also broken out of a Golden Girls cookbook coming in 2020.

In the show, stars Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty are four older women who share a home in Miami, Florida. While we adore these lovely ladies, the cereal box contains some odd features which have struck up a few questions.

Firstly, why are our four heroines portrayed on the box with square-shaped heads? Well, it seems that Funko makes other small similar square-headed figurines and bobbleheads that look alike to our lovable characters. Secondly, why has this toy making brand developed a cereal?

“Inspiring fans to connect with their favorite pop culture moments in a novel and delicious way, the new cereals continue the Funko tradition of developing collectible products with fun and whimsical designs,” Funk revealed in a press release.

“Each cereal box will include a corresponding miniature Pocket Pop! figure and the back panel will feature additional themed activities, puzzles, and games.”

As exciting as this cereal is and at only $7.99 a box, it still remains unclear why The Golden Girls was the chosen theme. The neon blue loops inside the box and the maze and activities at the back have nothing to do with the TV show and we are not sure what kids will be attracted to the four post-menopausal women on the box, but we are sure many will buy it anyway!