An Incredible Food City Is Hiding in the Rural West

In the past decade, Montana has become a food city. This is in part thanks to its abundance of fresh produce, but also thanks to the state’s support for local farms and restaurants. If you’re holidaying or simply curious about what Montana food really tastes like, here are some great places where you can experience Montana as a food city.

The Delicious Montana State

If you’re an adventurous foodie, one of the most incredible food cities is hiding in the rural West. It’s a place where you can enjoy farm-to-table dinners with local artisanal goods, walk through pig barns for carefree celebrations, gather in artisan bakeries for sweet treats at night, and take carriage rides out West to taste award-winning beverages. If you thought restaurant kitchens were places where food happens, think again.


You can find the ideal, luscious meatballs here, a staple of any Italian-American eatery, made with Montana-raised cattle and pig and drenched in homemade crimson sauce and salty pecorino. At the same time. It also includes seasonal produce and herbs, local lamb, farro, barley, and lentils, which go with cornmeal-crusted lake fish in anise-kissed cioppino broth. While you are in here, you have to try out their pasta and Manicotti which are hand-rolled ricotta and caramelized onion dumplings that are then drenched in an oxtail broth that also contains mushrooms, spinach, and small pieces of shredded oxtail.