This Farmers’ Market in Miami Sells Some of the Hardest to Find Produce in America

Farmers’ Market

Miami, the vibrant city known for its beaches and nightlife, is also home to a hidden gem for food enthusiasts. From all the amazing dishes served at the restaurants in the city to its farmers’ market, the city has a lot to offer. The very famous farmers’ market of Miami, the Yellow Green Market, is a hidden treasure that sells some of the hardest-to-find produce in America. Be it exotic fruit such as dragon fruit or vegetables that are not easily seen in the city, it has everything anyone would want.

A Place to Find it All

The Yellow Green Market is not just for foodies to take home a basket filled with treasures, it also has a wide range of stalls selling beauty items, homemade soaps, candles, plants, and even crystals. The manager of the market, Gustavo Larranag, confirms that the market currently has around 700 booths and he is always on the lookout for more business owners to set up their stalls and be a part of the family. If you are a local or own a restaurant in the city, this must be your go-to place to grab some high-quality ingredients.

The Market Has Reached New Heights

The Market Has Reached New Heights

Initially, the market had a few outlets with countable customers visiting. But with time, things have changed a lot. Today, visitors not only get to shop but can also enjoy some form of live entertainment in the tiki huts providing shaded seating. Many businesses have flourished in this market and one such example is the Wicked Bread Co., owned by Eddie and Betty Diaz. Their fabulous cinnamon rolls keep the shop running, even on their hardest days. The locals have fallen head over heels for their baked goods and soon the world might get to taste the delicacies too, thanks to their upcoming online store!