What Equipment All New Bakers Need In Their Kitchen

Baking is a great hobby to take up. Not only does it give you another skill, but you also get to eat everything you make. That sounds like a pretty good setup to us. Of course, if you’re new to baking and don’t have the right equipment for the job, you’ll need to go out and get it. Luckily, there isn’t too much that you require if you’re only a newbie.

What Equipment All New Bakers Need In Their Kitchen

Measuring Tools

You aren’t going to be very successful with your baking creations if you don’t accurately measure all your ingredients. A bit too much flour or not enough water could turn your debut dish into a disaster. That’s why you should make sure you have a measuring jug and spoons handy, as well as some scales. The former are ideal for liquids and small measurements, while the latter is great for your big dry ingredients like sugar and flour.

Stirring Tools

While some recipes ask you to use your hands to mix ingredients, you’ll be expected more often than not to use a stirring tool. This can either be a wooden spoon if you’re doing things the old fashioned way, or an electric whisk for those of you low on time. Both are good, although the spoon is obviously cheaper. However, if baking is something you’re going to be doing a lot, then an electric whisk is a good investment for the future.

What Equipment All New Bakers Need In Their Kitchen

Mixing Bowls

It’s no good buying all the ingredients for your bakes if you don’t have anywhere to mix them all together. It’s a good idea to grab a couple of bowls to use, in case you need to combine certain ingredients first before mixing everything together. It would also be handy to buy a sieve so you can sift any dry ingredients before adding them to your bowls.

Baking Pans/Trays

Depending on what you want to make will affect what pans or trays you need. If you plan on baking cakes all the time, you’ll want a standard round cake pan. If you’re more interested in things like cupcakes or muffins, then there are pans for those too. You can also get rectangular baking trays which are ideal for making brownies, gingerbread, and other tasty treats.

Knives and spatulas are also wise to own, as well as a rolling pin. Then, complete your purchase with a wire rack for cooling your delicious desserts.