This Is Why People Are Eating And Drinking Their Face Masks

Many of our skincare products claim they are clean and organic, but does that mean they are good enough to add to the menu? This is why people are eating and drinking their face masks – and why it might be time to give some a go at home.

This Is Why People Are Eating And Drinking Their Face Masks

Organic Ingredients

It seems as though the organic and natural ingredient route for skincare products isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. Yes, many of our face masks are filled with the likes of seaweed, clay, honey, green tea, and just about any other healthy ingredient we keep in our pantry. With all of that food in the masks, does that mean they could be an ingredient, too?

Health Benefits

Of course, many of these organic and natural ingredients claim to have many health benefits. Plus, more people want products that haven’t been tampered with and are delivered the way that Mother Nature intended. While they might not have been blended to taste delicious, these face masks could still give you the benefits you need in one tub.

This Is Why People Are Eating And Drinking Their Face Masks

Not All Great

It might not be time to grab a spoon just yet. Face masks usually don’t taste great on their own. That is until you mix it with some natural fruit juice or a smoothie. This way, you might still be able to reap the benefits without having an overwhelming taste. However, not all face masks can be disguised. Some powders or stronger scented masks might not taste as delicious as they sound after all.

There are so many organic skincare ranges out there on the market. Some of them even smell good enough to eat. If you’ve found yourself wanting to dive right in, then it turns out you’re not alone. Plenty of people now enjoy eating and drinking their face masks. Who would have thought?