Disney Parks Are Sharing Loads of Their Fall Recipes

We probably don’t need to tell you that time basically no longer exists, right? Half of the year has already flown by without us even realizing it, and it seems as though we’re one step closer to pumpkin season. When it comes to the Fall season, Disney reigns supreme. The parks are laden with some of the most impressive decorations we’ve ever seen, the movies are second-to-none (yes, we will be watching Hocus Pocus for the 1,537th time), and the food is unlike any other. Thankfully, Disney parks are now sharing loads of their Fall recipes online…

Bowls Of Yumminess

If you have ever been to Disney park, you’ll know that you can’t leave that place without trying at least five of their specialty dishes. Whether you’re partial to the odd turkey leg or whether you’re a sucker for the Mickey Mouse waffles, these parks have got your back. However, they really pull their recipes out of the bag when pumpkin season comes around, and it seems as though they love pumpkins more than the next guy.

Sharing Them Online

In a magical turn of events, the Disney Parks Blog has now started to release the recipes for some of their Fall specialties. Disney knows that people are missing their parks in the midst of coronavirus lockdowns, so they have decided to give Disney fanatics what they want – because everything’s better when you’re eating pumpkin pancakes, right?

The Perfect Recipes

So, it’s time to whip out your apron, because you’re going to be busy in the kitchen. You can make pumpkin twists, pumpkin bars, Jack Skellington cookies, pumpkin soup, and even a pumpkin crème brûlée that hasn’t even been rolled out in the parks yet. The recipes are detailed and easy to follow, so you can create your own Halloween experience in your own home.

Well, we definitely know what we’ll be doing for the rest of the day.