The Biggest Meat Producer In The U.S. Is Going Vegan!

Would you believe that vegan food sales have been rapidly increasing in the last few years? It’s not just more vegans either; it turns out that meat eaters are also jumping on the newest development – including the biggest meat producer in the U.S.

The Biggest Meat Producer In The U.S. Is Going Vegan!

Making The Change

Believe it or not, but Tyson, the company that had grown famous for its ready-to-eat beef and frozen chicken tenders, it about to go vegan. Yes, you read that correctly – it seems as though Tyson could be about to break the habit of a lifetime with their brand new range of vegan-friendly products, but why the sudden change?

Sticking To The Trend

Noel White, CEO and President of Tyson, admitted they want to stick to the growing trend of vegan food. Many people have now opted for the lifestyle change, while many others enjoy several vegan options alongside their regular diet. The growing health change and call for help to protect the planet have both been two significant factors.

The Biggest Meat Producer In The U.S. Is Going Vegan!

Not The First Time

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time that Tyson has opted for vegan products. The company invested in Beyond Meat back in October 2016 as the former CEO, Tom Hayes, confessed that they needed to expand if they were going to keep up with the growing demand for meat alternatives.

Growing Their Food

So where will the vegan meat come from? That’s all thanks to MycoProtein. Tyson Ventures invested in the food producer that grows plant-based proteins from mushrooms that they can then turn into their meat alternatives. Not only do you get plenty of health benefits from the change, but no animals are harmed in the making of the new food.

The Biggest Meat Producer In The U.S. Is Going Vegan!

Flexible Dining

Although many people have now opted to switch to a vegan lifestyle, some have begun to follow a “flexitarian” lifestyle meaning they eat both vegan meals and meat options throughout the week. Now, the incredible number of options set to hit the stores will not only give vegans more options for their meals but will also help to encourage other people to try new foods, too.

Going vegan no longer has to be as tough as we thought – especially with the biggest meat producer in the U.S. making the change. Who knows, perhaps we will all be living the vegan lifestyle sooner than we thought?