The Best Way To Assemble A Cheese Plate

Whether it’s girls’ night, a birthday, date night, or you just feel like getting fancy; knowing how to organize a cheese plate is a necessity. We’re gonna give you some tips on putting together a cheese plate that’ll ensure your next gathering is one your friends will be talking about for a while.

The Best Way To Assemble A Cheese Plate

Cheese Please!

Try choosing a variety of different textures when you’re deciding what cheese you want on your plate. Make sure to have a soft cheese, such as Camembert or Brie; a semi-soft cheese such as Cheddar or Gouda, and a hard cheese such Parmigiano Reggiano. Having a mix of different textures will make a more interesting, aesthetic cheese plate that will make it fun for whoever’s enjoying!

The Perfect Pair

It’s no secret that wine and cheese go perfectly together. When you’re picking out your cheese, try and keep in mind what wine will go well with it. A great example of a couple of these duos is Brie or Camembert (a classic soft) with a dry light-bodied white, such as Chablis or Sancerre.

The Best Way To Assemble A Cheese Plate

Cheese & Company

You’re obviously going to need something to break the intensity of eating cheese, and there’s nothing better than having the right snacks while you’re indulging. Crackers and fresh bread, that haven’t been heavily seasoned (so you can experience the true cheese flavors). Fruit jams, nuts & olives, and fresh fruit are also recommended!

Got Milk?

Cheese is usually made from three types of milk; cow, goat, and sheep. Each milk’s cheese has its special flavors and textures, and when putting together your cheese plate, you might want to consider trying a couple of each! Cow’s milk cheeses are most common, but if you want to add a little twist to your cheese plate, adding sheep’s milk cheese will provide a buttery variation.