Ben & Jerry’s Newest Offerings Include Two New Non-Dairy Flavors!

Ben & Jerry’s may have built their reputation on incredibly indulgent ice cream that sets itself apart by the generous mix-ins provided in each carton. As the years press on, the company has no plans to stop innovating, which may be best demonstrated by the release of their first dairy-free flavors.

The company has recently released their whole line of new flavors, and they’re surprising those who eschew dairy, whether for health or ethical reasons, with two new non-dairy flavors. While their more traditional line up takes its inspiration from another beloved dessert, the chocolate truffle, their non-dairy offerings are truly exciting.

For starters, Ben & Jerry’s is releasing the first dairy-free version of their famous Half Baked line. Called Peanut Butter Half Baked, it’s a mix of both peanut butter and chocolate flavored ice creams, made from the same almond milk base that is beloved in their other non-dairy flavors. To make the ice cream truly a Ben & Jerry’s classic, however, the chocolate ice cream is studded with chunks of brownies, while the peanut butter is filled with bits of peanut butter cookie dough. It’s a perfect balance of flavors and textures, especially if you like chocolate, but only a little bit.

The second new flavor to be released is Cinnamon Buns non-dairy ice cream. The ice cream base is rife with rich cinnamon, but it wouldn’t be Ben & Jerry’s without turning it up a notch. For the chunk factor, they’ve added pieces of cinnamon bun dough, before topping it all off with a sweet swirl of cinnamon streusel, which would give the dessert a similar feeling to an ooey gooey, fresh baked, cinnamon bun.

The two flavors have been added to the rest of the non-dairy line, bringing the American offerings to a total of nine different flavors.