This Is How You Get The Attention Of A Bartender

It is a Saturday night, and you are out with your closest friends. You choose a nice pub down the block from your apartment but are struggling to get a drink. You’ve tried everything from sending your prettiest friend to get the bartender’s attention to politely saying “excuse me,” but nothing seems to work.

Don’t let your frustrations get the best of you. Take these tips from actual bartenders on how to get your drinks without irritating those behind the bar.

Patience Is Key

Even if it appears as if a bartender is unoccupied, they are likely in the middle of doing multiple things. One bartender claims that she cannot stand when she is interrupted as she handles someone else’s order. Her biggest pet peeve is when someone thinks that they can just shout at her as if she is doing nothing when clearly she is processing an order or filling a drink.

Be Prepared

If you are interested in having your order taken, you should look like you want your order taken. That means, put the phone done until after you have been served. Make eye contact with the bartender or give a simple wave to initiate the interaction. It could help your case if you have your credit card or cash out and ready to hand to the bartender too. However, do not make the mistake of waving your cash or card around like a jerk.

Tip Appropriately

Not all tips are considered equal. While a dollar tip might be okay at your local dive bar, it is not necessarily acceptable at your favorite fancy watering hole. The more that goes into your drink, the bigger your tip should be. It might only take a minute to pour a beer, but some drinks take a few minutes to make which means the bartender cannot help other guests.