3 Reasons We Should Be Eating the Seeds From Avocados

We know that people love their avocados, but most only ever eat one part of the fruit. Although the seeds take up a large chunk of the center, they’re generally thrown away whenever someone opens up an avocado. While this part of the fruit might not seem that tasty, there are some excellent reasons why you should actually indulge in it.

Reported Protection Against Diseases

Contained within the seed are various acids, including palmitic acid and oleic acid. While these may sound like dangerous things to consume, not all acids are harmful to you in the right amounts. These are known as lipids, and they can help you to protect your cells, proteins, and DNA from damage. The seed is actually more beneficial against fighting things like diabetes and premature aging than the parts of the fruit that most people eat.

Potentially Helping With Inflammation

Another thing that the lipids in avocado seeds can help you with is inflammation. The more of these good chemicals that you consume, the better your body will be able to fight against inflammation in the long run. That means greater defense against certain chronic illnesses, which can really impact your quality of life.

Allegedly Stopping The Spread of Cancer

Cancer is a disease that many people fear getting, especially because there’s no definitive cure for it right now. Although it’s impossible to make your body immune from the illness, there are ways that you can lower the risk of contracting it. That includes eating avocado seeds because the lipids inside them are apparently able to stop cancer cells from spreading. It has a particular impact on cancer cells in the liver and colon, although it can be effective against the disease in any region of the body.

Given all these benefits, consuming avocado seeds seems like one of the smartest things you can do. Just make sure you find a way to eat them safely.