The Food Created By This Ukrainian Artist Is Too Good To Eat

Sometimes our food looks too good to eat, that we capture it on camera to have a constant reminder and either keep it for our own collection or share it with the world on Instagram. This Ukranian food artist, however, is taking things to a whole new level with her food creations, and we’re sure anyone would want to capture this.


Just when you probably thought you had seen aesthetically pleasing meals, take a look at what artist Daryna Kossar has to offer. She can make cities out of cheese and meat, Whoopi Goldberg out of chocolate sauce, and a portrait of Eddie Murphy made of Oreo cookies. This creative idea all started five years ago when she the trained psychologist gave up her job as a personal assistant and started a food art Instagram account.


Over the years, Kossar has managed to combine her creative and cooking skills and managed to turn ordinary foods into edible masterpieces. The colorful dishes are sure to impress any onlooker and perhaps too good to even want to eat. Daryna is constantly capturing ideas, and carries around a notebook with her so she doesn’t miss anything that will work for her “paintings.”

Even more, Daryna goes beyond just using food products in her artwork, but she also uses cosmetics for painting her pictures. She then captures her work and gives the world a glimpse of what she has managed to create. This ha


s caught peoples eyes, and one famous person, in particular, has got in touch with Daryna to suggest working together. That person is none other than French designer Christian Louboutin. Famous for his shoe empire, the designer was so fascinated by the artist’s talents, he commissioned her to do a whole campaign for his new cosmetics product called Aloha Louboutin.