This One Simple Hack Will Make Your Eggs Amazing Every Time

Everyone knows and loves eggs. Even the pickiest of the picky eaters – from toddlers to well, adults who just don’t like that many foods – can always love some sort of egg dish. Whether they come scrambled, sunny side up, poached, or as an omelette, they are just one of those staples that make up an indescribably important part of our diet.

Eggs are a core food in almost every culture across the world, in as many countries as you can possibly imagine. But even eggs can get boring sometimes. Read on to find out quick and easy ways to spice up your eggs and reignite your love affair with the classic dish!

Chef Tyler Florence, of San Francisco restaurant Wayfare Tavern fame, knows his way around a frying pan, to say the least. In an interview, this is what he said about how to get the most incredible and yummy scrambled eggs ever. His tip is beyond basic and basically made us slap ourselves in the forehead and say “Why didn’t we think of that?”

It’s so simple but brilliant. Just throw in an extra yolk to the eggs, to make them incredibly decadent. In an interview, he said, “I make scrambled eggs and omelets the same way. It’s three eggs and one yolk, so it’s rich and very, very yellow,. I’ll drop them into a pan with whole butter; probably a tablespoon. I also like to stir a little crème fraiche or sour cream into the eggs, and good sea salt.” And there you have it!

Sometimes less is more, and this quick hack doesn’t require running out to a specialty store or ordering some obscure ingredient from the furthest reaches of the Internet. Tyler adds, “Protein hates high temperatures. The high temperature is always about the exterior flavor profile and texture, but it’s never about cooking it all the way through.”