Sandwich Tips From The Sandwich King Jeff Mauro

For some people, a sandwich is just a simple way to eat with your hands.  For others, sandwiches are a way of life. Creating the perfect sandwich requires a delicate balance of care and ingredients.

Everyone can put something between two pieces of bread, but it is a true art to assemble the perfect sandwich.  The host of Food Network’s Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro, has some tips for you on putting together that perfect combination.

The Best Breakfast

Struggling to choose what to eat for breakfast? Consider a breakfast sandwich to give you all the components of your meal in each bite. When asked about the best ingredients for a breakfast sandwich, Mauro does not hesitate. The best breakfast sandwich consists of an everything bagel with a griddles sausage patty, veggie cream cheese, and pickled jalapenos.

Sandwich Sabotage

If you want to avoid ruining your sandwich, Mauro suggests staying away from one ingredient. He claims mealy tomatoes are the worst thing you could add to a sandwich.

Go The Extra Mile

It might be easy to just toss a slice of cheese inside your sandwich with some raw ingredients, but Mauro recommends taking your sandwich game a step further. While all the ingredients do not need to be hot, taking the time to heat up ingredients will only improve your sandwich. Melt your cheese or cook some vegetables for an elevated eating experience.

The Best Bread

What is the best bread for a sandwich? It’s a trick question because no bread is universally best for a sandwich. It depends on the internal ingredients. Choose a bread that works best as a vehicle for the whole sandwich.

Condiments Are Crucial

Next time you consider skipping the condiments on your sandwich, don’t. Condiments add an extra layer of flavor and texture which you could not get otherwise. Mauro adds a suggestion to layer the condiments inside the sandwich or to use them as a marinade for your sandwich meat.