This New York Baker Is Taking The Cake With Her Lifelike Cacti Cupcakes

Jiahn Kang is the owner of Brooklyn Floral Delight, a New York City bakery, where Instagram dreams really do come true. The bakery specializes in creating realistic cupcakes and cakes, which look as though they’re real-life plants and cacti, all the while being edible, sugary treats.


The bakery was first founded by Kang in 2015, when she would send the jewelry shop, Catbird, different variations of her work. Thanks to the exposure of Kang’s work on Catbird’s Instagram page, her creations have expanded, as well as, her orders.

The bakery later moved to the East Village, where workshops and classes are hosted by Kang herself to teach her specific decoration skills. Speaking of the move, Kang said, “I already gained a lot of followers and people know my work as Brooklyn Floral Delight,” she explains.


While many bakeries may offer their own realistic, edible artwork, Kang’s certainly takes the cake! Her artwork is superb, and with such attention to detail and color, you’d be fooled into thinking they’re real flowers.

This is no easy task, however, with each cake taking the baker four to five hours to hand paint and custom decorate. “The colors are the biggest part of making it look realistic,” she says. “Mixing colors into the buttercream is similar to painting.”


Speaking of her clients, which are most likely among her 30,000 followers on Instagram, Kang explains, “They give me their simple color tones such as, ‘please use shades of pink, neutral tones only no yellow.’”

It is not just their preferences that she takes into consideration, but she explains, “I want to tell them it’s more than just a cake. It’s an edible art for each individual.” We can most certainly agree that her art is more than just a cake, but what looks like a gorgeous garden that is just too pretty to eat.