Kevin G From Mean Girls Is Teaching the World About Tamilian Food

Remember Kevin G, the confrontational Mathletes captain who steals the show with his explicit rap, from Mean Girls? Well, well, who would have thought that his second inning would be as a cook? Ever since the movie came out, Rajiv Surendra (that’s Kevin G for the world) has explored many fields. In 2010, he started his own calligraphy business named Letters in Ink, sold handmade pottery, and was even a part of The Met’s copyist program. However, today we are going to talk about his YouTube channel, where he introduces some exquisite recipes from South India. Let’s find out more about his adventures.

The Cuisine

Surendra, after making his channel live, talked about how vast Sri Lankan Tamil cuisine is. He explained how it is more than just what people believe, such as margosa wafers, pittu (a food delicacy made with rice flour), crispy patties made from neem leaves, and a lot more. When asked why Surendra thought of starting the channel, he explained how he learned to cook Tamilain food from his mother after he moved to New York and couldn’t find any restaurants serving the delicacies. He wanted to respect and honor the legacy of his mother and grandmother by introducing the world to some hidden recipes. Surendra remembers how proud his grandmother was of what she cooked and how much she loved feeding her loved ones. This has been passed on to him. Now, every time Surendra cooks a plate of Tamil food for himself and likes it, his Kevin G energy pops out.

A Peak Into Surendra’s Kitchen

Surendra lets you into his ideal tiny kitchen in his YouTube series, complete with a backsplash made of white marble and matte grey cabinetry that he installed and painted himself. Unline what other food vloggers are putting out over the internet, his videos are leisurely, giving the spectator time to absorb and follow along. You want to watch him prepare string hoppers (a vermicelli-like red rice noodle) because you want to cook the meal for yourself and because he’s so entertaining to watch. His lovely, relaxing demeanor is almost addictive.

Surendra’s Hope for the Channel

Surendra wants his videos not just to teach the world how to cook Tamil food, but to make a bigger difference. He wants people to fall in love with the process and themselves. He talks about wanting to live in a society where everyone is fully present, particularly when they are eating. We can’t wait to see what this multi-talented individual comes up with next!