Jennie-O Is Bringing Back Its Turkey Hotline For Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, people are getting started on preparing their dinner menu. It is also the perfect time for those who want to buy non-perishable items from the grocery store in advance. While keeping all that in mind, people never forget to focus on the main dish – the turkey. To help those who aren’t sure how to make the perfect turkey, Jennie-O is once again opening its Turkey hotline.

Jennie-O Opens Its Thanksgiving Turkey Hotline Every Year

A delicious Thanksgiving dinner arrangement The turkey products company opens a turkey hotline every year and has done so for 13 years straight. There, chefs and other experts give tips and advice to anyone who needs extra help cooking the perfect turkey. People also have the option to go to Jennie-O’s website, enter a live chat, or even text to get advice.

The Jennie-O products company seems especially invested in their annual hotline and put a lot of money and effort into making it a brand-defining event. While there are other brands that also offer turkey hotlines, Jennie-O is definitely leading the way with its celebrity appearances.

Well-Known Chefs Also Give Advice Over the Hotline

Chef Kenneth Temple The Thanksgiving turkey hotlines open way before the holiday to leave its callers plenty of time to practice brining, baking, or frying turkeys before the big day. Sometimes, even well-known chefs and social media influencers would offer guidance to at-home enthusiasts. Who is on the list of people to answer the hotline is still a secret, but many expect top names there.

Nicole Behne, who is Jennie-O’s vice president, said that making a good holiday meal is essential for a year when giving thanks and strengthening family bonds is more important than ever. That is also the main goal of the hotline, according to her, to help people create a perfect Thanksgiving meal. In addition to its hotline, Jennie-O has a turkey tracker available for people who want to see where their turkey came from.