The Most Michelin-Starred Chef Has Opened A Floating Restaurant In Paris


The world’s most Michelin-starred chef, Alain Ducasse, has opened a floating restaurant on a boat docked in front of the Eiffel Tower. The chef, who lost his restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower in July this year, opened “Ducasse Sur Seine” in Paris on September 10, and bookings can now take place.


This new restaurant serves both lunch and dinner and holds 200 people. Guests enjoying a meal will be taken on an hour-and-a-half floating tour up and down the Seine. They will be taken past the Eiffel Tower, as well as other famous Parisian landmarks, such as the Notre Dame cathedral.

“I see the Eiffel Tower and what’s more, I see all of Paris’s monuments,” Ducasse said in an interview with Agence France Presse. “The Eiffel Tower is a fixed building, so I had imagined that I was always going to have the pleasure of serving clients who came from around the world to savor Paris. This is another story. It’s another beautiful story that’s starting.”


While the restaurant serves lunch and dinner, the boat will also be open for tea-time and an aperitif course. When it is not busy taking tours around Paris, the Ducasse Sur Seine will dock at the Quai Debilly, which sits in front of the Trocadero Gardens and across the river from the Eiffel Tower. As for the menu, Ducasse has included his signature dish of French “haute gastronomie.” Moreover, according to Ducasse, the boat turned restaurant will be run completely on electric power. making it environmentally friendly.


This entire idea has been designed “in harmony with an evolving society that wants healthier food, better for the body and better for the planet,” Ducasse said. While this is sure to be popular with restaurant guests, Ducasse has already made a big name for himself, especially with Ducasse’s Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower. His restaurant served the likes of French President Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump while the American leader visited Paris last year. This restaurant will remain open regardless of his new opening, but a new caterer operates it.