Chef Dominique Crenn Is Changing the Culinary Game in Cabo

Without a doubt, Cabo has been emerging as a culinary capital in the world, and the recent pop-up created by Chef Dominique Crenn solidifies its status! For six nights, Crenn served her remarkable culinary delights to over 120 foodies that got the chance to visit Casa Crenn hosted in Montage Los Cabos.

Chef Dominique Crenn Is Changing the Culinary Game in Cabo Crenn’s Amazing Culinary Career

Dominique Crenn is currently the only US-based female chef to hold three Michelin stars. Her world-renowned restaurant, Atelier Crenn, has been serving high-quality culinary delights to San Francisco since 2011. Crenn is renowned for her innovative and unique dishes and is an avid advocate for sustainable food practices. To kick off the 10-year anniversary of Atelier Crenn, this inspiring chef partnered up with Montage Los Cabos to create a six-day exclusive experience in Cabo that was Casa Crenn, and it was an absolute hit.

A Successful Pop-Up in Cabo

The idea of the collaboration started during Crenn’s visit to her friend in Cabo, Xavier Salomon, the executive chef of Montage Los Cabos, in 2019. The event was conceptualized as a celebration of Atelier Crenn’s 10-year anniversary as well as an homage to Juan Contreras, Crenn’s long-time pastry chef. Dominique Crenn and her culinary team moved into Casa Twin Dolphin, a luxury vacation home of Montage Los Cabos. This is the setting in which they prepared and served 10 courses of Atelier Crenn favorites for six days. Crenn used only fresh, Mexican-sourced ingredients and worked in collaboration with chef Xavier’s team.

Carefully Sourcing Ingredients

While chef Crenn executes every plate that leaves her kitchen with unparalleled precision, her signature approach to cuisine is the fact that she doesn’t serve any meat. Since 2018, Atelier Crenn serves exclusively pescatarian food and its sister restaurant Petit Crenn also has a meat-free menu. Crenn sources all her ingredients carefully and works directly with fishermen to receive the freshest ingredients. She uses local purveyors rather than sourcing ingredients from big businesses.