Three Celebrity Chefs to Follow on Instagram

If you are passionate about cooking, then finding out new recipes to try would definitely excite you. And where before you had to either sit through long television programs or spend money on buying recipe books – discovering new recipes to try now is easier than ever. You can learn new recipes and techniques straight from celebrity chefs – and find out what makes millions of people crazy about their food. Just open Instagram, and you will be flooded with mouth-watering recipes that look tempting too, that is if you follow the right accounts. If you too want to learn secret tips and tricks of celebrity chefs, then follow these three accounts on Instagram right away!

Gordon Ramsay

If you are even remotely active on Instagram, then you would have definitely come across a meme or two of Gordon Ramsay. And while he is famous for his temper and insults – his cooking skills are what got him famous in the first place. He is the ultimate cooking guru one can hope for—fun fact: he owns nearly 30 restaurants and is a winner of 30 Michelin stars. Follow him on Instagram to be updated with new and different recipes to make.

Andrew Zimmern

While the food consumed by Andrew Zimmern is so bizarre, most of us will faint just hearing about it. He is actually a cooking wizard – with some serious cooking tricks down his sleeve. The best part? He shares them on Instagram with his followers. He not only gives you ideas to cook new things – but you will also find him sharing long videos of the process – it is so detailed that you can literally gather ingredients and cook alongside him.

David Chang

The star of the Netflix cooking series – Ugly Delicious and Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – David Chang is one chef to look out for. His restaurant in New York has a cult following. He is the ultimate microwave king.

If you are always in a hurry and looking for delicious but quick recipes to master, then he is your guy! His Instagram is filled with lip-smacking and easy-to-make recipes.