These Are The Best Appetizers You Can Buy In A Store & Pretend You Made Yourself

We’ve all been there. After a grueling week at your 9 to 5, baking under fluorescent lights, the last thing you want to do – especially after battling through traffic for thirty minutes on the commute home – is to start making some appetizers for that dinner party you completely forgot about.

The guests are on their way, and while your Martha Stewart tendencies are kicking in, you just simply can’t get the energy together to prepare mini-treats for your friends in addition to the main course. Don’t worry! We’ve got the best store bought appetizers that you can pass off as your own creations here.

Let’s start with the basics. Everyone loves bruschetta, but this is basically an edgier version of the classic appetizer. Made from red peppers, carrots, and tomatoes, this dish originates in the Balkans and is sure to spice up any roll of sourdough! We absolutely love Va-Va Home Made Lutenica. One jar will provide more than enough for a sea of hungry guests, and you can definitely pretend that you made it yourself.

Keeping it classic and classy, quiches are evocative of tea parties, brunch, and ladies who lunch (preferably while wearing long white gloves and large, floppy hats.) Make your guests feel like they’re at an estate by serving them the even more delicate mini quiche. Rich with smoky bacon flavor and the perfect amount of egg, getting the excellent Nancy’s Petite Quiche from your local supermarket is always a great idea.

Let’s continue to go east on this culinary journey. Spanakopita is basically the national dish of Greece. Similar to Indian samosas or Middle Eastern sambousak, this flaky, doughy fried roll is the perfect thing to whet your appetite before the main course. Stuffed with spinach and feta, this is a heavy duty dish to make from scratch. So just buy it from your local Whole Foods – Whole Kitchen Spanakopita is delicious, and it only costs $6.50 for a 12 piece box!