10 Best Gifts For The Chef Who Already Has Everything

Anyone with a chef friend knows this struggle: you want to get them something useful in the kitchen, but they already have everything their kitchen needs!

That’s why it’s time to think outside of the box. You can’t get them something they need, but you can get them something they’ll love.

We humans are all about creating tools for ease and efficiency, sometimes far beyond our actual needs. But when it comes to inventions that are considered more nice than necessary, the best of the best ideas are dreamt up in the kitchen. There are a million different ways to make the long, tedious process of prepping easier, and we’ve put a few on this list – along with other helpful things your favorite chef may just not have time to think about. These are the best kitchen helpers for the chef who already has everything.

1. Silicone Antibacterial Dish-washing Brushes

Dish sponges keep finding their way to the top of nasty health hazard lists. Before you can see or smell anything suspicious, they’ve collected bacteria and started growing colonies inside. There are many ways to improve their cleanliness, but they all fall short and still have a maximum active life of a week or two. These sponges don’t invite bacteria in, and can last for up to a year!

Silicone Dish Sponges

2. Portable Smart Cooler

This may sound like a gift for the chef, but it’s really a gift for their friends – you know they won’t show up to the picnic or potluck with anything less than the epic charcuterie board you merely drooled over on Instagram.

Portable Cooler

3. Chef Knife Rolling Bag

Being a chef means caring about and collecting the best knives – and cringing when they’re cooking somewhere else with inferior ones. This portable bag lets them take their precious blades with them wherever they’re needed most.

Knife Roller

4. Comfort Floor Mat

Standing all day over food prep is actually quite hard on the body – our feet, knees, and backs all take a hit when the long day is done, and it’s too late to change your posture. But this floor mat actively alleviates much of the physical stress and will make kitchen time a much better time for any chef.

Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat

5. Silicone Reusable Food Bags

Because even great cooks can use some help being environmentalists. Unlike large boxed Tupperware, these take up much less space but do the same great job at preserving – and keeping a kitchen green!

Silicone Reusable Bags

6. Ice Cream Maker

Because the one who cooks for everyone else deserves something sweet and easy for themselves every now and then.

Ice Cream Maker

7. Eco Herb Savor Pods

Herbs are the soul of most good meals, but buying and maintaining them ain’t easy. A little bit goes a long way when cooking with them, but they are usually sold in large bunches – and they’re the first to go bad in the fridge. These little herb containers provide the right environment to maximize their freshness.

Herb Storage Pods

8. Indoor Home Garden

Having a garden isn’t easy, but this little machine will make a garden-less chef’s life so much easier. It has everything plants need to grow built right into it, and will save any chef time and money at the store – not to mention, offer the ultimate freshness!

Indoor Home Garden

9. Ringer Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner

Being devoted to cast iron comes with its cost and quite a bit of maintenance since they need to be cleaned with such gentle precision. This tool is the magic charm they need.

Cast Iron Ringer Cleaner

10. 10-in-1 Fruit Tool

How many ways are there to cut fruit? The answer is many, and this multi-fruit-cutting tool has them all. Only instead of learning new tricks with the knife, your chef can just smack one of these layers down on the respective fruit. But it doesn’t only slice – it also serves, with bowls, spoons, and picks built-in!

Get ready to make someone very happy with any one of these gifts!