The Best Blended Whole Lemon Lemonade for a Hot Summer Day

Sipping on a chilled glass of lemonade on hot summer days makes one feel as if they are lounging on the beach with their toes buried in the sand, with the ocean breeze blowing through their hair. Not that all the people have ever done that or anything… But, still, it sounds pretty relaxing. So, if you’re looking to take advantage of the warm weather with something delicious and refreshing to sip on, this whole lemon blended lemonade recipe will hit the spot.

Lemonade for Grown-Ups

We all know and love the classic lemonade recipe. But what about making lemonade that’s fit for grown-ups? It is a Lemonade for grown-ups not because it has some adult juice in it, but because the recipe features a whole lemon. That means including the zest, pith, and all. You must peel and deseed the lemon, and your blender will do the rest. Finally, pour over ice for a healthy drink that tastes much better than the artificial stuff. Ensure that the whole lemon is blended correctly and no big chunks are left. The lemonade can be served mixed with iced tea or you can add a club soda to get an exquisite adult drink.

Selecting the Right Lemon Is the Key

The type of lemon you use is essential for making the best blended whole lemon lemonade. For this recipe, some general tips include picking thin-skinned lemons as they are easier to squeeze. You might feel a little safer consuming the peel of organic lemons. However, if you don’t get the organic one, it’s fine to consume the peel of a non-organic one too. Wash the lemon well under warm running water to remove wax and contaminants. Also, pay attention to its shape. You should try to find a round and self-contained lemon. If you can’t find a round lemon, trim the ends of the lemon so that any pith is removed.