Whipped Coffee: TikTok’s Yummiest Trendy Beverage

TikTok has given the world so many viral trends that we never expected. Some were totally new to the world, while others were just hidden treasures. One such trend that took over the internet like a storm is whipped coffee. This delicious, creamy coffee will awaken all your taste buds and leave you in awe. Let’s get those whisks out and start prepping that yummy cup of coffee!

The Concept of Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee, also familiar to the world as Dalgona coffee, is not just any coffee. Apart from the taste, one of the bigger selling points of this drink is how Instagrammable it looks. When you look through your glass, you will see two beautiful layers of white, creamy milk with brownish sugary coffee. The minute you pick that cup up, stir everything together, and taste it, that is it! This might be the best coffee you will ever taste.

How to Make This Airy Beverage

The process of making a good cup of whipped coffee is very easy but requires some time. All you need to get it done is instant coffee, sugar, hot water, milk, and some ice. To begin the process, take a bowl and add coffee, sugar, and some hot water. Now, with the help of a hand whisk or electric hand mixer, start the whisking process. You need to keep doing that until it forms soft peaks. Once that is done, take a glass, add in milk and ice, and top it up with a spoonful of coffee mix. Stir it all together, and you are good to go!

Whipped Tea?

Well, when whipped coffee took over the internet, tea lovers couldn’t hold themselves. In order to not feel left out, they replaced coffee with matcha and whipped it up with the same ingredients as Dalgona. Who thought matcha made at home with zero technical skills and tools can taste so fantastic?