Trader Joe’s Makes It Easier for Everyone to Grow Their Own Coffee

It seems no matter how much of it we buy, we need to restock our supply of coffee far too often. Trader Joe’s might have just come up with the perfect solution to make it easier than ever for people to grow their own.

Grow Your Own

People can’t get enough of their cup o’ Joe in the mornings, and we don’t blame them. Coffee is delicious, and big business, and we find ourselves running out to the store to grab more all of the time. Trader Joe’s is looking to help people with this problem by stocking our favorite beverage, but in plant form. The grocery store has brought coffee plants to its New Jersey stores, and it seems like a smart move. Now people can take pride in the java they drink by growing their own.

Caring for Your Plant

Coffee plants have been around for years, unsurprisingly, and there is a lot of useful information available to first-time plant parents. They are native to the tropical regions of both Africa and Asia, and even if you don’t get any beans, they are still pretty to look at. The plants are small from Trader Joe’s, and will likely only yield a few beans at a time.

You won’t be farming coffee beans, but you will still be able to add a few to your daily grind if you look after your coffee plant. There are plenty of tips available online for caring about your plant, but here’s one for free. Whenever this plant needs some water, it will droop but perk back up again after being watered, just like people do with coffee.

If you love coffee and plants, this is your opportunity to combine your two favorite things. Trader Joe’s is reportedly selling these plants for as little as $8 each, so be sure to keep an eye out next time you swing by.