Sugar Cookie Milk Is a Refreshing Twist On A Classic Combo

Cookies and milk sounds like a combination that is as classic as peanut butter and jelly, but as American milk consumption continues to decrease, at least one retailer has a plan to give it a boost. The low-cost giant, Target, is bringing a beverage to their stores for this holiday season that’s sure to inspire a fair amount of childhood nostalgia. Despite putting all of the nutritional benefits front and center, this drink is definitely best considered a dessert.

With a sweet vanilla touch, sugar cookie milk definitely delivers on its sweet promise, as every glass is packed with a punch of sweetness. What really rounds out the flavor and saves it from simply being a glass of sugary milk is the buttery cookie flavor that somehow resembles biting into a soft, but chewy sugar cookie.

If the cookie flavor is inside the milk itself, however, one might wonder what you’re actually supposed to pair with sugar cookie flavored milk. One could reasonably go for the sugar cookie explosion, and go for sweet cookies with sweet milk, but it could also be a sweet accompaniment to an otherwise low-key breakfast.

In a lot of ways, it’s clear that sugar cookie milk is designed to stand alone as a beverage, asking drinkers to find the joy in sitting down and having a taste of a festive drink. It also makes for a good cocktail mixer.

In an age when every other kind of milk seems to be getting all the airplay, for some reason, Target was inspired to create a line of whimsical dairy-based beverages, from the sugar cookie milk to the several other flavors promised in the product line. If sugar cookie just doesn’t seem like your thing, you can also try out the chocolate mint flavor, the cinnamon vanilla, or maple pecan.