Starbucks Has Launched a Line of Oleato Beverages, Leaving People Divided

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If you’ve ever thought about putting olive oil in your coffee, you’re probably the only one. Well, you and Howard Schultz, who fell in love with the idea while on a trip to Italy. Schultz would partake in the Italian custom of having a spoonful of olive oil in the morning for a healthy start to the day. So, he’s now decided to combine that with a cup of coffee, resulting in what’s called Oleato.

The Beverages

Starbucks is introducing the Oleato Golden Foam, which is made with vanilla sweet cream and Partanna extra virgin olive oil. There’s also the Oleato Golden Foam Iced Shaken Espresso with Toffeenut, which is blonde espresso, toffee nut flavoring, and oat milk, shaken and topped with Oleato Golden Foam. Lastly, there’s the Oleato Caffè Latte with Oatmilk, which can be served hot or cold and consists of blonde espresso roast, oat milk, and an infusion of Partanna extra virgin olive oil.

The Public’s Reaction

While some people seem to love these beverages, the majority of the reactions online have been extremely negative. The positive reviews claim that the drink is creamy and rich in flavor. However, the negative reviews show photos proving that the olive oil concentrates at the top and doesn’t mix well with the coffee. Besides complaining about the taste, many people have reported the drink has made them feel ill.

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While each person’s body is different, we caution those who want to try this beverage that the combination of olive oil and coffee seems to disagree with those who have sensitive stomachs.