Starbucks Launches New Flavor That Tastes Like Melted Ice Cream

With all that is happening with Starbucks, it’s time we remember that summer is here again. And despite the ongoing battles, this season, the largest known coffee chain in America is prepared for their customers with something interesting. And, of course, they don’t disappoint. The coffee brand has introduced a brand new summer special flavor to their menu and called it the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew. Unlike other items that disappear after the end of the season, this flavor will be part of the permanent menu. This Starbucks drink is topped up with sweet and light cold foam that is chocolaty and creamy. It’s then sweetened up with some vanilla syrup. Yum!

Fond Summer Memories

Rosalyn Batingan is a member of the beverage development team at Starbucks. She said that the goal behind this drink was to help their customers reminiscence about their most cherished summer memories every time they take a sip. The combination of both coffee and heavy notes of delicious chocolate, as well as malt flavor present in the chocolate cream cold foam, are meant to remind people of the warm days of summer.

New Foods and Drinks This Summer

Starbucks will also be launching some new foods and reintroducing old ones. This could be rather exciting for fans of this coffee giant. Among the many delicious food items they offer, the lime-frosted coconut bar is one of the food items that will permanently make it back to their menu along with the Bacon, Sausage, and egg wrap. Unicorn cake pop will be making an appearance only for a short period. They’re also launching a series of colorful drinkware. In addition, the coffee chain is giving out points to the tune of 25 stars as a bonus for customers who will use their very own refillable coffee cup.