Everything You Need to Know About Red Eye Coffee

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Red Eye coffee has earned its place as the go-to beverage for late-night study sessions and work marathons, but its reputation shouldn’t be overlooked. Think of the Red Eye and Americano as close relatives in the world of caffeinated drinks, cherished by coffee enthusiasts and creative minds alike for their straightforward yet effective delivery of a quick caffeine boost.

What Is It and How to Make It

The key difference lies in its foundation. A Red Eye blends approximately eight ounces of brewed drip coffee with a standard shot of espresso. This combination results in a potent concoction that packs more of a punch than your average Americano, boasting an additional 80 to 100 milligrams of caffeine.

Jon Freihofer, Director of Coffee Services at Joe Coffee Company in New York, recommends using the same coffee beans for both the espresso shot and drip coffee to achieve a harmonious flavor profile. While this might pose a challenge when ordering at a café, where different roasts are typically used for espresso and brewed coffee, it ensures a smoother and more expressive taste experience at home.

Red Eye vs. Americano

When it comes to choosing between a Red Eye and an Americano, it all comes down to personal preference, including flavor profile and caffeine sensitivity. If you’re craving a nuanced taste sensation, Freihofer suggests going for a concentrated five-ounce Americano. However, if you prefer a slightly bolder flavor and don’t mind the extra caffeine kick, the Red Eye might be your cup of choice.

Additionally, the Red Eye tends to have a slightly fuller body compared to the lighter Americano, which can be appealing to those who enjoy a bit more of a kick in their coffee. As Freihofer explains, the espresso in an Americano becomes even more balanced as its flavors are softened by dilution.

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Regardless of your preference, one thing remains certain: that feel of a strong espresso kick is undeniable. Whether you’re fueling a late-night study session or simply in need of a midday pick-me-up, the Red Eye coffee is a classic choice that never fails to deliver.