Pepsi x Peeps: The Marshmallow-Flavored Soda Is Making a Comeback

The one thing everyone loves about Easter is the season’s soft and fluffy Peeps. To make the most out of it, Pepsi and Peeps have again joined hands to introduce their marshmallow-flavored soda right before Easter. Pepsi always comes up with the yummiest seasonal flavors, like hot chocolate or apple pie-flavored sodas. Still, it’s the first time Pepsi is experimenting with this marshmallow flavoring.

Pepsi and Peeps’ History

Around two years ago, Pepsi announced its collaboration with Peeps, the squishy seasonal treats everyone cherishes. However, at that time, the cola was only available to the 3,000 contest winners who used a Peeps-specific hashtag on social media platforms to win the drink. Since only a few people got the chance to try these sodas, Pepsi is coming back with a plan to indulge the whole country this time. In an interview, Pepsi expressed that its mass release was driven by the famous demand for flavored soda in 2021 when it was a significant hit making Pepsi tons of profit.

Where Can One Get Pepsi’s Peeps Soda?

According to Pepsi x Peeps, the sodas will be available in 7.5-ounce mini-can multipacks and 20-ounce bottles in a pink, blue, and yellow color scheme. You can find the sellers around you by simply using the Pepsi product locator. Fans can even look forward to some new flavors being introduced, including Kettle Corn and Dr. Pepper sodas. The response to these announcements has been overwhelming, and accordingly, Peeps and Pepsi have made a strategy to co-host a virtual egg hunt for their customers on Snapchat to reach wider audiences.

We are pretty excited about the combination of fizzy Pepsi with the sugary sweet Peeps possibly becoming a favorite holiday drink for everybody. Also, many people are expressing their views through Twitter on naming the marshmallow-flavored drink Peepsi, as it makes perfect sense for the name to stick.