Japanese brand Muji adopts ecofriendly ways by going plastic free


Just recently, Japanese retailer Muji announced that they would stop selling their beverages in plastic bottles, all over their country. They will also discontinue some of their beverages once the existing stock has been depleted. The remaining beverages will now be sold in aluminum cans. The world knows that Japan adopts more environmentally ways than any other country. This move has only cemented their cause to sustainable ways. 

Cracking down on plastic use

PET bottles, as the Japanese call plastic bottles, is short for polyethylene terephthalate. They belong to the polyester family and are sold nationwide at supermarkets through vending machines. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to using both materials but aluminum can be recycled easily and reused much more than plastic. 

Data collected from the Japan Aluminum Can Recycling Association states in Japan 97.9% of the aluminum cans are recycled with about 66.9% horizontal (can-to-can) recycling rate. According to the home goods, apparel, and food chain Muji, using aluminum cans will protect the beverages from exposure to sunlight and last longer. This means that not only would they be reducing plastic waste but they would also be reducing the burden of expired products.  And this is definitely a problem that most food and beverage companies face. Now, they can take a page from Muji’s book and follow in their footsteps to make the world more eco-friendly. 

Making the world a better place

It is heartening to see that such a big brand is making a move to be environmentally conscious. But many other brands are constantly working towards reducing plastic waste. Muji is now among those brands. 

The day is not far when Japan becomes free of plastic waste. They are setting a great example as a nation and the rest of the world should pay heed.