New Iced Coffee Maker Has Caffeine Fanatics Jumping Up And Down With Joy

Under the scorching sun and exhausting summer heat, it is nearly impossible to sip scalding hot coffee no matter how hard fatigue hit you in the morning. It is precisely for that reason that the Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker was invented.


Standing in the Starbucks queue on an everyday basis may guarantee a momentary sugar-rush followed by a couple of hours of caffeinated buzz, but this product offers consistent, cheap and continuous iced coffee at hand’s reach bound to satisfy your craving for less than 75% of your favorite grande mocha frappuccino.

This #1 best selling coffee maker on Amazon is definitely worth a try, as promised in over 1,500 reviews and through its stunning 4.5 rating. Even Fakespot, a website dedicated to uncovering faux reviews online, granted the innovative coffee maker a fantastic A grade.


Offering its purchasers the opportunity to spoil themselves with multiple cups of iced coffee a day without breaking the bank (costs less than $20!), the Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker enables caffeine coveters to enjoy several refills for less than a dollar. All that is necessary is your favorite medium roast – and you are good to go. The concentrated coffee can be kept fresh for up to two weeks, thanks to its sealed, watertight lid that locks freshness and taste.

One reviewer wrote about his addiction to the coffee franchise and finally being able to break free from its chains: “I really love this thing, I used to visit Starbucks twice a day for cold brew and now I save cash and time. It took me a few batches to figure out how to get great coffee out of this thing, but once I got it I was very impressed.”


Another user stressed it cannot be simpler to use, writing: “Can’t tell you enough about how great this is. I am a big fan of cold brew and have always just gone to Starbucks to get my fix. Then I ran across this little coffee maker. It couldn’t be simpler, you just put the coffee in the filter, let it sit in the fridge overnight, and you feel like you have the $4 cup of coffee you would buy at the store. Takeya does a good job and makes a solid product.”

With reviews as enthusiastic as these, the coffee filtered future looks very promising.